ADMT Caring Hospice is an accredited, Medicare-certified hospice ready to provide compassionate care to the patient and loved ones.

The team includes an experienced team led by our Medical Director, compassionate nurses, Certified Nurse Assistant, Social Worker, Chaplain, and volunteers.

Your care includes the following:

➔ Nursing care
➔ Medical equipment
➔ Medical supplies
➔ Drugs to manage pain and symptoms
➔ Medical social services
➔ Dietary counseling
➔ Spiritual counseling
➔ Hospice aide and homemaker services

➔ Physical therapy
➔ Occupational therapy
➔ Speech-language pathology services

➔ A Plan of Care designed for you based upon your diagnosis and needs.
➔ Individual and family or just family grief and loss counseling before and after the patient’s death
➔ Short-term inpatient pain control and symptom management and respite care
➔ Other reasonable and necessary hospice services in the patient’s plan of care covered by patient’s insurance.

What Do Those Services Mean?

Skilled Nursing

➔ Assess the patient’s physical needs
➔ Develop and coordinate a plan of care
➔ Ensure symptom control and management
➔ Provide continual patient/family education as needed

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

➔ Provide direct personal care to the patient
➔ Offer emotional support to the patient and family

Medical Social Workers

➔ Assess the patient’s & family’s emotional & social needs
➔ Develop a plan of care
➔ Provide counselling, referrals & support to meet identified needs

Bereavement Care

➔ Offer grief & bereavement counselling through individual & group programs prior to and after the patient’s death.
➔ Maintain regular contact with the family for up to thirteen months after the death of the patient.


Most hospice patients don’t pay out of pocket for services related to the reason they are on hospice. To choose hospice, a patient must have less than 6 months to live according to a doctor. The patient must also agree to focus their medical care on improving their quality of life. The most common ways hospice is paid for:
➔ Medicare-Pat A and Medicare Advantage
➔ Medicare Advantage
➔ Texas Medicaid
➔ Private insurance
➔ Private pay


Routine Home Care – Basic level of care provided under the hospice benefit.
Inpatient Care – Short-term care provided at a hospital or other inpatient care center only until the patient’s symptoms are under control.
Respite Care – Temporary inpatient care provided up to five consecutive days to give the family a needed break.
Continuous Care – More intense care provided by a nurse and/or home health aide in the patient’s home environment for a minimum of 8 hours per day until symptoms are under control.